Build 128 is live!

Thanks for all your patience, I know we haven't shipped a build in a while but if you've been following the update videos you'll know there's good reason! This build has a bunch of changes in it and I'm sure there are still some bugs lurking in there, but it's been stable enough that we wanted to get it out into your hands.

  • NEW Completely redesigned the map
  • NEW Redesigned the title screen
  • NEW Refined UI style, still working on updating existing UI
  • NEW Per-terrain post-processing effects
  • NEW Fast-exit buttons are visible in shops and trade rooms
  • NEW Desert biome is accessible in-game (but highly WIP!)

If you want a sneak peek at these changes but can't play right now, check out the latest devlog:


Current Dev Build (macOS) 166 MB
Version 23 Feb 07, 2022
Current Dev Build (win) 143 MB
Version 20 Feb 07, 2022

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