Build 133 is live!

This patch is a bit of a variety pack, we've expanded the Fae Forest biome with some zany new enemies and the ability to get a "Werehorse" unit. You can also reroll your starting party for much, MUCH more varied gameplay (we can't promise it'll be balanced).

NEW Re-roll your starting party when starting a run
This massively expands the play space of the current game, we've wanted it for ages.
NEW Inspect units via their cards (right click)
NEW Kill indicator UI
Visually shows you how close you came to defeating a foe
NEW Staggered attacks
Attacks occur one after the other during combat.
This took some getting used to but we're convinced it's better.
NEW Bulk reward UI
We've streamlined the experience of allocating rewards.
NEW You can re-roll (and re-stock) shops by sacrificing units
Drop them in the pit to re-roll a regular shop
NEW Added Traiters as an enemy in the Fae Forest
NEW Added Firis, Burnea and Retinferno as an enemy in the Fae Forest
NEW Added mysterious Henge Rooms (they do SOMETHING now)

CHANGE The Lancer now uses SKL vs SKL to determine if they defeat a foe
If a lancer has >= the SKL of an enemy the will succeed.
CHANGE New UI to indicate which player has control
CHANGE You can deselect a unit after picking it for placement
Click the unit's card again
CHANGE Add checkerboard floor
This also includes a new texture to indicate obstacle tiles
CHANGE Update and add many more unit names
If you're in our discord, you might spot your username ;)
CHANGE Punishments are now randomly assigned
Having to pick just didn't feel good as a player.
CHANGE Reduced volume of "select" sound effect

CHANGE Rename "Centaur" to "Werehorse"
It's actually obtainable in-game now, if you can work out how.

FIXED Boss doors no longer open after 10 turns

Known Issues

ISSUE The tutorial needs a complete rework
ISSUE Maximum of 4 "Go!" buttons on screen, even for >4 doors
ISSUE On some resolutions the army lineup is incorrectly positioned when receiving a reward etc.

Thanks for reading to the end <3
Ben & Ricky (TwoPM Studios)


Current Dev Build (macOS) 166 MB
Version 35 Jul 17, 2022
Current Dev Build (win) 143 MB
Version 32 Jul 17, 2022

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