Build 132 is live!

You can officially make it through an entire run of SoTF! With the caveat that the final boss is still a placeholder... For now.

This build has a LOT of changes and represents a solid step forward towards our vision of the game. We've been having a lot of fun playing the game lately, which is always a good sign (come join us live at

The latest devlog covers all the major changes, you can see the full changelog below.

NEW Redesigned board game map in full 3D
NEW Added second act of the game, where the board flips over after beating the first boss
NEW Opponent selection menu and enter-game animation
NEW Luck system for Bard HP
Game over used to occur when you ran out of units, now the bard has regular old HP.
If the bard is hit for >= DEF damage, they lose one luck.
When they run out of luck, the run ends.
NEW Fae Forest biome
NEW Enemy: Husk
Undead version of the basic 6 friendly units, found in Fae Forest.
Hurks, Huouge, Husher, Huskancer, Honk, Huskog
NEW Enemy: Firis
Placeholder for now, will debuff units at range.
NEW Enemy: Traiter
Placeholder for now, will swap traits with target unit on attack.
NEW Inspect units with Right Click
Units (where the descriptions have been written) can be inspected at any time using Right Click.
This will become a common pattern for not just units, but traits and other mechanics.
NEW Multi-stat upgrades / downgrades
Upgrades and downgrades can now apply to multiple stats i.e. (+1 ATK +2 DEF)
They can mix positive and negative (+2 ATK -1 DEF)
NEW Add "Convenience Store" after the first boss battle
NEW Context-aware cursors to help guide you during combat
Move cursor - shown when you can move to the hovered position
Exit cursor - shown when you would leave the room by moving to the hovered position
Target cursor - shown when you will target a unit with an effect
NEW Added Early Access warning
NEW Added changelog to title screen

CHANGE Unit buffs and debuffs now differentiate between permanent buffs and temporary buffs
CHANGE When killing an enemy marked by a Cleric, allies receive the Blessed buff
CHANGE When an ally marked by a Cleric is lot, foes receive the Condemned debuff
CHANGE Stagger attacks during combat phase
Previously all attacks resolved at once, but after trying this approach it seems much more user friendly.
If you're impatient, try increasing the game speed option.
CHANGE Redesigned mazes to include upgrades and new units (as well as existing ones)
CHANGE Unit tiles on board game map are always surrounded by punishments
CHANGE All punishments and rewards are queued for AFTER an encounter
Pending rewards and punishment totals shown in top-left corner
CHANGE Bard movement, used to be the same as Merk (4 dir)
Now, move up to 2 tiles in 8 directions
CHANGE Introduce Bardic Inspiration ability
The bard can now target a unit as their action (within their range)
For allies, this gives a random ATK or DEF buff
For foes, this gives a random ATK or DEF debuff
For neutral units, this recruits them
CHANGE The bard no longer automatically recruits adjacent neutral units
CHANGE Reduced enemy and ally scaling, this will be ongoing

CHANGE Attack resolution phase happens in stages instead of all at once
CHANGE Added indicator texture underneath obstacles
CHANGE Board Game cursor tooltip now indicates tile type (instead of coordinates)
FIXED 0 SKL Hunter and Cleric were useless, now they can still use their ability with 1-tile range
CHANGE Earn additional vim for choosing more combat tiles (up to +3 vim for 4 tiles)
CHANGE Earn punishment for choosing only one combat tile

Known Issues

ISSUE The Fae Forest is very broken
ISSUE The tutorial needs a complete rework
ISSUE Boss stat block does not disappear on death
ISSUE Maximum of 4 "Go!" buttons on screen, even for >4 doors
ISSUE Some buffs and debuffs seem to not actually be applied
ISSUE On some resolutions the army lineup is incorrectly positioned when receiving a reward etc.

Thanks for reading to the end <3
Ben & Ricky (TwoPM Studios)


Current Dev Build (macOS) 166 MB
Version 32 Jun 15, 2022
Current Dev Build (win) 143 MB
Version 29 Jun 15, 2022

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