Build 129 is live!

This patch changes a lot but the major focus was redesigning LCK completely and introducing a sense of progression over the course of a run. The game feels very different now, facing Skelems with 12 DEF is terrifying but, on the other hand, shooting them with a 9 ATK Archer buffed to 13 ATK by a Dog with 4 SKL is pretty cool.

Check out the latest devlog video to see the changes in action, full changelog is available below.

  • CHANGED Tweak Cormag's anger buff
  • NEW Added per-biome post-processing profiles
  • NEW Unit movement preview on hover
  • CHANGED Reworked UI
    • CHANGED Game over screen
    • CHANGED Victory screen
    • CHANGED Bard-death menu in combat
  • NEW Implemented new traits
    • NEW CursedBlood
    • NEW WeakBlood
    • NEW BiasedBlood
    • NEW BigotedBlood
  • NEW Enemy and unit progression (stat scaling over run)
  • CHANGED Convert LCK (luck) stat to SKL (skill)
    • NEW Merks have a chance to evade attacks based on SKL
    • NEW Dogs buff allies and debuff foes based on SKL
    • NEW Lancers deal their SKL in damage when charging at a foe
    • NEW Monks buff allies and debuff foes based on SKL
    • NEW Rogues have a chance to sneak attack based on SKL
    • NEW A rchers can only shoot within a SKL tile radius


Current Dev Build (macOS) 166 MB
Version 25 Mar 09, 2022
Current Dev Build (win) 143 MB
Version 22 Mar 09, 2022

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