Build 126 is live!

Hey everyone, this is another smallish patch while we continue work on the new biome. We've reworked the rewards and punishment UI and expanded the possible options, hopefully this will make runs a little more varied in the early game.

Stay tuned, hope you're having a lovely November.

  • CHANGED upgrade to Unity 2021.2.2f1
  • NEW instructional banners in maze and shop rooms
  • NEW reworked reward and punishment system
    • removed the clock from the storyline view
    • tooltips now indicate when a reward will become a punishment (and vice versa)
    • introduced new rewards and punishments to permanently alter a unit's stats
  • CHANGED reworked units traits to cap buffs at +4 ATK and +4 DEF
    • crazy buffs are fun but the enemies are way too powerful in the final encounter with unlimited buffing, it's for your own good


Current Dev Build (macOS) 166 MB
Version 21 Nov 21, 2021
Current Dev Build (win) 143 MB
Version 18 Nov 21, 2021

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