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In our last newsletter update I mentioned the Patreon and our plans for Early Access on The Song of The Fae. Well, our plans have come to fruition.

I'll cut to the chase, as of right now anyone who supports us on Patreon at $9USD tier (or more) will get access to the current build of The Song of The Fae via for both Windows and macOS. Because of how we're using you can technically buy the game for a one time payment, but I've set the price at $50USD which is definitely much more than what we'll be charging on final release.

Anyone backing at the highest tier will also get access to source code snapshots. I plan to release those monthly so expect the first one around the end of July.

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If you would like to stream, record or cover the game in media capacity then you are free to do so. All I ask is that you direct people to our Patreon and notify us of any coverage :)

If you'd like to discuss the game, report bugs or just vibe with us then you can join the TwoPM discord community. I'm not a huge discord user but I do read every message eventually.

Last but not least, I've attached some updated screenshots of the game in action.

Thanks for all the support so far, we're proud of the game today but we are incredibly excited to see what it can grow into.

ben ✌️

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