Time is running out...

Hello friends, hope the year is off to a good start for you. It took us a few weeks but we’re picking the momentum back up on The Song of The Fae (SoTF) and we’ve got a special announcement…

SoTF is participating in the Steam Games Festival, kicking off February 3rd!

With a brand new demo.

This is our third public demo (how the time flies) and brings quite a few new features:

  • Massive balance changes
  • Unlimited units in your party
  • Units “elements” (fire, air, water, earth, wood, metal)
  • “Traits” which give each unit unique gameplay abilities and/or afflictions
  • Refined and redesign UI
  • Performance improvements & bug fixes
  • A simplified tutorial 😉

We’d love to hear your thoughts on twitter and/or discord, after the Steam Games Festival ends the demo will no longer be available.

What’s next?

First off, we’re extremely happy with how the game is progressing. Yes, we’re taking our time but we’re also making leaps and bounds forward in the design space lately.

This will be the last free public demo & the demo will no longer be available after this festival. This will allow us to focus on spending the following months preparing the game for Early Access, which will initially be done through Patreon to keep the audience limited.

We will use this time to implement some massive new features we’re planning right now, including:

  • Deeper procedural generation of battles
  • Loot, rewards & punishments
  • New challenges & encounter types
  • New & improved bosses
  • The story we’ve been planning to tell this whole time

So, please, check out The Song of The Fae: Demo 3 and let us know what you think!

Join us on Discord, stream and/or record your gameplay and follow along on twitter to keep a close eye on development. Oh, and subscribe to The Tearoom if you haven’t already.

Until next time,

🍵 Ben


Demo 3, Feb 2021 (win) 66 MB
Version 9 Feb 04, 2021
Demo 3, Feb 2021 (macOS) 70 MB
Version 8 Feb 04, 2021

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