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It's been a while since our first demo (back in April!) and somehow between the pandemic and our day-jobs Ricky and I have managed to make a lot of progress. SoTF is already a complex game (by virtue of many simple layers) and each addition to the game can fundamentally alter the overall emergent experience. As you might expect these decisions are difficult, we take the time to consider and iterate on every mechanic before it is even prototyped. We've been patient (as have all of you!) and we will continue to be patient, we cannot afford to rush a project geared around mechanically satisfying gameplay.

It's hard to summarise all the changes in this release, the game is almost unrecognisable. We ditched the old world map view to focus on a refined storyline view: 

We've implemented new enemies, the ghost and the bomber: 

We've also balanced and refined the existing units with additional abilities & stat profiles: 

In fact everything is so different that you'll just have to play it to understand! This update has a simple structure still, it's made up of three playable chunks:

  1. The Tutorial - Learn the basic mechanics of the game and get a preview of the story
  2. Episode A - Merk, Lancer, Rogue, Dog vs. Imp, Bomber, Skeleton
  3. Episode B - Merk, Lancer, Rogue, Monk vs. Imp, Ghost, Skeleton

You can play the episodes as many times as you like, they will be different every time. We've focused heavily on the core game loop over the past months and we hope this update will provide a much clearer demonstration of our vision for the game.

Having said that we still have a lot more to do after this. The next few milestones will be:

  • Difficulty Ramping
  • Expanded Level Generation
  • Unit Equipment & Loot
  • Unit Upgrades

Which will all have a huge impact on the game. We hope you'll keep following us on the journey to make The Song of The Fae the best magical chess variant ever.


Demo 3, Feb 2021 (win) 66 MB
Version 8 Oct 30, 2020
Demo 3, Feb 2021 (macOS) 70 MB
Version 7 Oct 30, 2020

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