devlog 2: putting it together

I like to think of the process of making a game in terms of nested game loops. We started development with the base loop: turn by turn tactics gameplay, then added a series of encounters together with consequences carrying over (seen in Preview 1) and now we're coming to the next loop: designing a specific series of encounters (a.k.a an episode).

Each episode can be thought of like a deck of cards. Each card represents a type of encounter: a battle, a shop, a boss fight, a minigame etc. and you have a "hand" of these cards you can play from. Each turn a card is drawn from the deck into your hand, in random order. The theme of an episode comes from what restrictions and conditions are placed upon the deck. What units and enemies will you face? Will you have to defeat a boss or overcome a swarm of enemies? There are conditions on when a certain cards can be played but this system broadly allows the player to decide the order in which they face obstacles. 

We've just implemented this system into the game and our next milestone is to create one moderately-polished & balanced episode. We're not sure exactly what that's going to look like yet but we've got a lot of ideas. Stay tuned!

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