devlog 0: the story so far

Testing, testing. I'm testing out the devlog feature.

We recently changed our minds about the macro-game of SoTF. We weren't happy with how it was coming together and decided to go back to basics. After some planning and prototyping we replaced the overworld map entirely with a new storyline view. We liked the map's look but it added nothing to the gameplay loop, where-as we have some exciting new ideas for this story view...

The attached video shows both the storyline and the current state of the game, which is considerably more polished since Preview 1. We're still hoping to get Preview 2 out later this year but we've had a some setbacks. We missed out on a funding grant and had to reevaluate our approach to the project which in turn lead us to rework the world map concept. We've been building momentum back up with our new design direction and I'm excited to see where this leads us.

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