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What on earth is this!?

The Song of The Fae is an episodic turn-based tactics adventure inspired by ancient chess variants. 

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The Song of The Fae is a story of a selfish bard caught in the struggle between the Fae Pantheon, the FaeQueen and all of humanity. You will master WizardChess, a bizarre magical game invented by the Fae, that is equal parts speed-chess and roulette.

In WizardChess you must charm units to aid you in your battles then seconds later sacrifice them. Unlike Chess your units are ephemeral, the lineup constantly evolving with each turn that passes. Learning to shape this process is the key to surviving an encounter with the Fae.


Legend has it that the Fae, in order to ward off their eternal boredom, host a WizardChess tournament every year. Whoever is crowned champion is granted a single boon from the FaeQueen herself. And somehow you've ended up as a contestant. 

Never before has a mortal been given the chance to enter. Will you triumph or perish along the way? And what boon will you choose..?

To make it out alive you must face each of the Fae and defeat them at their own game. Perhaps you will even learn the truth about who they are along way the way. Each episode of The Song of The Fae brings with it unique restrictions and challenges that can only be overcome with new strategies, new units to command and plenty of luck.

See you in the Songlands.

The game is still very much in development and this is a public preview. It is not representative of the quality we are aiming for. Regardless, we'd love to know what you think! And follow development on twitter via @vivavolt, @iamonshushu and @twopmstudio.


The game can be played entirely using the mouse and left click. The tutorial will guide you through basic actions in game.


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Demo 2 - The WizardChess Update (win) 44 MB
Version 8
Demo 2 - The WizardChess Update (macOS) 47 MB
Version 7

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Oh! I've been watching development on this on Twitter. Looking forward to seeing where it goes!

Thanks so much for taking an interest. We haven't formally announced the preview yet (it's happening today!) so you're getting in early!