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Well, Hello

Welcome to The Songlands! You are an impish Bard with magical powers of persuasion, a hunger for fame & fortune and a total lack of talent for adventuring. So why get your hands dirty when someone else can do it for you?

SoTF is a turn-based tactics game featuring a rotating roster of hypnotised heroes. Charm them with your presence, send them to their death in a blaze of glory, and compose songs to be remembered for a hundred years!

You’re not here to make friends. You’re here to write history, and you intend to be remembered in the greatest Saga ever told: “The Song of The Fae”

The game is still early in development and this is our first public demo build. It includes a tutorial, a boss and free-play of content we've added so far. Let us know what you think! And follow development on twitter via @vivavolt, @iamonshushu and @twopmstudio.


The game can be played entirely using the mouse and left click. The tutorial will guide you through basic actions in game.

Once you reach the boss and either win or lose to it then all the content will be unlocked. This introduces a new enemy type and four additional unit types for you to control. These units are not tutorialised in-game and work as follows:

Lancer: Carries a spear and needs a running start. The lancer can only move one square in every direction except when the have a clear run-up of 2+ empty grid spaces between them and an enemy, then they can charge across the distance and kill the enemy instantly.

Rogue: Carries two daggers and gets behind you. The rogue moves like the default Sword-wielding units except rogues can only move on the diagonal axis. Think bishop's in chess.

Monk: Sits and waits patiently, unnecessary action only brings pain. The monk can swap positions with any unit on the board. Monks cannot attack.

Dog: Loyal to a fault, likes to bark. The dog moves normally and cannot attack. Upon ending your turn the dog will bark which pushes adjacent enemies away (if there is room). Make sure to adjust your headphone volume before using one.


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Version 7
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Version 6


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Oh! I've been watching development on this on Twitter. Looking forward to seeing where it goes!

Thanks so much for taking an interest. We haven't formally announced the preview yet (it's happening today!) so you're getting in early!