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PROUD is a competitive card game for 3-6  players.


Each player starts with six cards of the same colour. Discard one card to left and right of the draw pile. 

On your turn, draw a card from the deck or either discard pile.

At the end of your turn, discard from your hand to either discard pile until you have six cards in hand.

The aim is to make a hand with the entire rainbow.
PRIDE cards act as any colour.

Special Cards:
On your turn, play Special cards by discarding them.

Black card: Give a card away to a player of your choice. They must give you back a different colour card, if able. Otherwise they give any card of their choosing.

White card: demand of any player a card of your choice of colour. If they have none, they give you any card. They then draw one card, and you must discard a card.

Special cards cannot be picked up from the discard piles by the next player,  but can be picked up later.

How to Use This:

Print all pages

Cut out cards roughly

Trim along dotted lines

Play the game

Be proud and supportive

This game was made as part of the Squiggly River meetup Pride Game Jam June 2019


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